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Zembo Shrine Center
2801 N. 3rd Street
3rd & Division Streets
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 236-7241 Circus Tickets
January - March M-F 9 am - 3 pm
(717) 236-4591 Circus Office
January - March M-F 9 am - 3 pm
(717) 238-8107 Business Office
M-F 9:00 am - 3 pm
(717) 238-3106 Fax
(717) 441-1493 Rentals

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  Illustrious Sir Robert D. Cook



Illustrious Sir Robert D. Cook - 2017 Potentate of Zembo Shrine and his Lady Ricki

Message From the 2017 Potentate . . .
  Happy New Year from the 2017 Zembo Shrine Divan and their ladies!
  We hope all Nobles and your ladies enjoyed the Holidays with family and friends. The Divan would like to thank the Nobility for your vote of confidence and support for the coming year. We have a lot to accomplish. Speaking of accomplishments, a big “Thank You” to Ill Sir Michael W. Rinehart and Lady Ginger for their leadership in keeping Zembo active to serve our communities and hospitals. Changes were made, different events and activities were added in order to attract and retain new members and their ladies. Changing standard light bulbs to LED lighting lowered the daily cost for heating and electricity. Ill Sir Mike also supervised the preventive maintenance of the building’s large fans and machinery to improve the efficiency of the building’s power plant. Well done Mike and Ginger. May you have fair winds and following seas.
  The Divan is working together to provide a fun and eventful year. We invite everyone to attend the Family Worship & Public Installation on January 8, 2017 at 2pm in our own auditorium. The Chaplain Corps always has an excellent worship service pertaining to this year's motto. Please attend, this is a great time to meet the Officers of the Clubs and Units and find out what is being planned for our members and their ladies. You will also meet the Divan and their ladies, the Aides to the Potentate, Colonel and Lt. Colonel of the Units and Past Potentates. A light lunch of Tea Sandwiches, tea and coffee will be provided along with background music from a harpist. We are looking forward to your support. Please call the office to  let us know if you will be attending. We would not want to run out of sandwiches and drinks.
  As was mentioned, 2017 has a lot to accomplish. We are without two office secretaries, a rental manager, stage director, bar manager and facilitators. We thank them for their many years of service and time to Zembo Shrine and our kids. Ill Sir Henry J. "Hank" Martin P.P. has retired after serving Zembo as Potentate in 2004 and then Recorder for almost 11 years. We also wish Ill Sir Hank Martin "Fair winds and following seas". Noble Huey A. Long, Chief Aide for many Potentates was elected Recorder for 2017. Thank you Noble Long, your past experience and knowledge will benefit Zembo. The other positions as mentioned are still needed for the future of Zembo and its membership. Other leadership positions are also needed on different committees and events: Food and Beverage committee, Fraternal Fund Raising committee, Building Preservation committee, Membership committee and Purse-A- Palooza event. The Divan contributes much time to these committees and events. We need to relieve these duties of the Divan so their time can be used to improve the daily operations of Zembo. Your help is needed now. Remember the ceremony when you became a Shriner? "There are those who speak, those who create mirth and those who sing as the nightingale, but our Order needs those who will work in any field". There has not been a more crucial time than now to contribute your time and talent for the future of Zembo. The Divan is very proud of the leadership in the different Shine Clubs and Units with their support to Zembo. We need your help with the Shrine's daily operations. If you know of anyone who would like to help, please email or call at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or c 717-991-5767. There is an old Navy saying, after a storm at sea, the waters will become smoother. We now have the opportunity to control the smoothness of the sea, stabilize the ship and achieve our motto, "Charting the Course for Zembo and our Kids". Remember, a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor.



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