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Zembo Shrine Center
2801 N. 3rd Street
3rd & Division Streets
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 236-7241 Circus Tickets
January - March M-F 9 am - 3 pm
(717) 236-4591 Circus Office
January - March M-F 9 am - 3 pm
(717) 238-8107 Business Office
M-F 9:00 am - 3 pm
(717) 238-3106 Fax
(717) 441-1493 Rentals

Online Payments
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  About the Pennsylvania Masons:
(Since you must be a Mason first, & we can help!)

About the Shriners...
Look for US on Facebook!

Prospective Members of our Shrine are encouraged to visit

Additional information is available about our fraternity, and our hospitals at  OR
You can also call the Zembo Recorder in Harrisburg, PA at 717-238-8107. 
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  A "Petition for Initiation and Membership" form is required!
Pre-Requisite Requirements: The candidate must be
a member of Blue Lodge in good standing.
Is not, or has never been, a member of Zembo or any other Shrine.
Must be recommended by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing.
 When/If you become a member (Noble) of Zembo Shrine
You automatically become a member of "Shriners International"!
What is Shriners International? See the "History" link in the "Orange" menu!
To Watch a video about Shriners International Click this link! 


Petitioned individuals will be brought in at a Stated Meeting (see "Stated Meeting" below).
Submit Dues payment and "Petition for Initiation", no later than five days before next "Stated Meeting".
The candidate(s), and their first line signers, should report to the office by 6:30pm the
day of the meeting, to sign-in with the office staff.


 A "Petition for Association" form is required!
Pre-Requisite requirements: Proof of current membership in Blue Lodge.
Proof of current membership in good standing at a Shrine, other than Zembo.
Recommended by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing.
Payment amount of Shirne current year dues.
Associated Members are exempt for Hospital and Per Capita fees.
Members are responsible for membership dues at both Shrines, but only need to pay the
Hospital and Per Capita fees, to their home Shrine, to remain active and in good standing.


A "Petition for Affiliation" form is required!
Pre-Requisite requirements for PROPOSED MEMBER:
Proof of current membership in Blue Lodge.
Current year membership fee which include Hospital and Per Capita fees.
Was a Zembo, or a member, of any Shrine in the past, and left in good standing.
Must have a copy of the "Demit Certificate" issued from your previous Shrine.
Recommend by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing.


 If you wish to discontinue your Shrine membership,
Pre-Requisite requirements are:
A written letter to business office, stating
the member’s wish to be removed from Zembo Shrine membership.
Include members name, date, membership number, current
year dues/fees payment and signature.
All checks should be made payable to “ZEMBO SHRINE”
The Recorder must receive your written, dated & signed
“Request for Demit” letter, with payment of your balance
due, before December 15th of the current year.
If you have a balance due, at the end of December, of
that year, you will be suspended, and will not receive
the "Demit Certificate", necessary for possible
Restoration in the future.
You must pay any balance due, before you will
receive a "Demit Certificate".
All dues, fees, etc. owed to Zembo Shrine, must be paid
before a member can Demit in good standing.
Once the member is in "Good Standing",
the "Demit Certificate" will be forwarded to them.


 Current Year Membership Dues,
are always due, on or before January First (1st)
of that membership year.
Yearly dues renewal notices,
are mailed out to all Nobles, in October, for the upcoming year by Shriners International.
During the year, at least two (2) dues notices, and a "Notice of Suspension",
are printed and mailed automatically to those members
who are not paid for the current year.
Dues renewals for the year, will be mailed out in November,
by the Shriners International, Imperial Office, in Tampa, FL.
Dues checks will still be made payable to "Zembo Shrine"
and they will be processed in our Harrisburg, PA. office,
however, your NEW permanent dues cards/stickers, will
be mailed out directly from the Imperial Office, starting in December.
Make your dues check * payable to: "Zembo Shrine"
with your member number # noted on the check.
Mail your payment to: Zembo Shrine - Dues -
2801 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110, or
come into our business office, during normal office hours, 9-3 Monday - Friday
(Please use 3rd Street entrance).
All dues, fees, etc. owed to Zembo Shrine, must be paid,
before a member can apply for "RESTORATION OF MEMBERSHIP".
Members who do not hold a Shrine membership card for the current year,
cannot attend Shrine Stated Meetings,
join, or participate, in any Shrine Clubs and/or Units, nor participate
in Shrine events, parades, fundraisers, parties, etc.
* We do accept (for your convenience), VISA and MasterCard
(which adds a 3% processing fee).

Membership Cards (or yearly Update Stickers)

These are cecessary for all Shrine events/meetings
These are mailed from Shriners International (Tampa, Fl.)
They are mailed out on a first come basis, starting in December of prior year.
If you have paid your Shrine dues, and have not yet received your card/update sticker, or have lost it, please visit the Zembo Shrine business office.
They can verify payment was received, and issue a card/sticker. The Zembo business office is open just prior to most all stated meetings, and during normal business hours !



Suspension occurs when a member is not "in Good Standing" for the current dues year.


Pre-Requisite Requirements for a suspended member.
If a member of the Zembo Shrine is suspended from their Blue Lodge,
they automatically become suspended from Zembo Shrine.
The SUSPENDED member must be reinstated in good standing as a Blue Lodge member,
before that member can apply for restoration at any Shrine.


Pre-Requisite Requirements:
Proof of current year membership in Blue Lodge. Payment of two (2) years dues at the current rate.
That person was suspended from Zembo, or another Shrine.
Must be recommended by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing. 
Members who are suspended and wish to become a "RESTORED MEMBER" of Zembo Shrine, must submit
all past due balances along with a "Petition for Restoration", and a copy of their current Blue Lodge membership
card, to the Zembo business office, at least five days prior to a scheduled stated meeting.
Questions can be directed to the Zembo Recorder, at 717-238-8107. 


Unfortunately, Shriners International does not extend any dues benefits to 50 Year (or more) members.
Any questions should be directed to the Zembo Recorder. 


Pre-Requisite Requirements:
You must be a current member of a Blue Lodge, and Zembo Shrine!
Each Unit and/or Club within Zembo, handles their own membership.
You can join more than one.
Contact information can be found in the annual member directory,
or you can contact the Zembo office staff, for contact information.


All Nobles are invited to attend.
You must have your current year membership dues card, along with the proper passwords, to enter (members can help if you forgot).  
Stated meetings are scheduled at 7pm.  Details of member events are posted in your "Pep-er" (newsletter) and listed under "Events" page.


Please turn your "Petitions for Initiation & Membership",
into the business office,  along with payment,
at least five days prior to a scheduled meeting.
This is so that you can be added to the meeting agenda.
Once your paperwork is submitted, the candidates, and
their first line signers, should report to the office at 6:30pm
prior to the stated meeting, to sign-in.


Please keep Zembo apprised of changes!
We need to keep in-contact and stay in-touch. If you have:
changed your lodge affiliation, or marital status.
Changed your mailing address (Noble Snowbirds see below)
Changed, or added, phone numbers, or email address.
Know of a Nobel who needs help, is sick, or has died.
Please call/e-mail our Shrine office, or any Divan member.
We don't know, unless you, or someone, tells us!


 Help us keep in touch with you while you are away from your permanent address.
Click this link, for a "Temporary Address" form.

You will need the information listed on your membership card to register for this site.


Chairman:Dennis Chesley



Copyright © 2010 Zembo Shrine Center, Inc. All rights reserved.
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