The Potentate’s Team

Aides are appointed by the Potentate and serve in key positions of his staff.  Their primary function is to assist the Potentate in the execution of his office.  The Chief Aide is considered the Potentate’s “right hand man” in this endeavor and coordinates the activities of the others.

The Colonel of Units is responsible for coordinating the many activities of Zembo’s internal organizations. He is the point of contact for public appearances and parade requests.

The Chaplains care for the spiritual needs of Zembo’s members, officiating at important events and remembering our deceased members.

Ambassadors are the public face Zembo, assisting with public relations initiatives and helping to recruit new members. 

Chief Aide

Darwin G. Chilcote

Assistant Chief Aide

Larry T. Kessler


Michael T. Fonner
Michael “Mitch” T. Govora, Sr.
William E. Lucas
Michael P. McGinnis
Ron McKnight
Kenneth McCann
Clarence R. Raudabaugh
Daniel “Pickles” Snyder
Jacob F. Zimmers, Jr.

Emeritus Aides

R. Edward Baumgardner 
J. Elwood Brandt
Paul G. Geib 
Michael “Mitch” T. Govora, Sr.
Joseph H. Hemmis
Jerry E. Hinke 
Huey A. Long

Appointed Officers

First Ceremonial Master: Mark G. Mattern
Marshal: Seth C. Anthony
Captain of the Guard: George A. Martin, Jr.
Outer Guard: Arthur L. Smith

Colonel of Units



Rev. David T. Willard
Rev. Samuel D. Fry, Jr.


Joshua P. Brown
Dennis L. Chesley
Ronald “Ron” McKnight