Zembo Shrine Clubs

What are Clubs?

Clubs are internal organizations made up of members of Zembo Shriners who reside in a particular area or share an interest beyond the fraternal connection of Shriners International.

Clubs work to unite members of Zembo Shrine, promoting the fraternal and philanthropic mission of the organization away from the confines of the Shrine building itself. Clubs often meet monthly, planning fun activities and outings for their members and families. Clubs are especially important for areas that are distant from the Zembo building, such as York County, Franklin County, and Perry / Juniata Counties. In this way, clubs provide an outlet for fun and fellowship without requiring excessive travel to Harrisburg.

Additionally, Clubs may be formed around a shared interests, such as hobbies, cars, etc. Rather than maintain a presence at the Harrisburg complex, their meetings take place out in the greater community, and usually include visits to sites of interest while having fun.

If you don’t see one that you are interested in, call us and we will help you start one!

Please use the individual Club pages to get in touch with the officers or directors of a particular club.

Officers of Clubs

Corvette Club

President – Lynn Shields, P.P.
First Vice President – Dana Moore
Secretary – William E. Lucas
Treasurer – Scott Cawthern

Franklin County

President – Scott A. Warner
Vice President – Donald E. Eubank, III
Secretary – Joshua P. Brown
Treasurer – Robert M. Snyder

Gun Club

President – J. Scott Burford, P.P.
First Vice President – Lynn A. Shields, P.P.
Second Vice President – David S. Forry
Secretary – Rev. Samuel D. Fry, Jr.
Directors – Ed Baumgardner / Wayne Poffenberger

Golf Club

President – Leroy A. Stump
First Vice President – Lynn A. Shields, P.P.
Secretary / Treasurer – Huey A. Long

Past Masters

President – Danny A. Crawford
First Vice President – David L. Gerstenlauer
Second Vice President – Michael J. Smith, P.P.
Secretary / Treasurer – R. Edward Baumgardner

Merry Widows

President – Barbara Seiders
Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Shirley Conrad
Treasurer – Margaret Stroup

Lancaster County

President – Raymond G. Hough, Sr.
Vice President – Christopher M. Gibson (Rajah Shriners)
Secretary – Willis M. Hackman
Treasurer – Jerrold C. Koppenhaver

Masonic Village

President – Dr. John P. Berk
First Vice President – Donald E. Kauffman (Tehran)
Second Vice President – Ray Vaughn
Secretary – John M. Lewis
Treasurer – Ron McKnight

Perry Juniata

President – Jeffrey L. Cox
First Vice President – Henry A. Holman, Jr.
Second Vice President – Duane Hammaker
Secretary / Treasurer – Paul E. Reed, Jr.


President – David S. Forry
First Vice President – Rev. Samuel D. Fry, Jr.
Second Vice President – Huey A. Long
Secretary – J. Edward Kaylor, P.P.
Treasurer – Robert L. Sibert
Chaplain – Rev. Samuel D. Fry, Jr.

Upper Dauphin

President – Thomas O. Morgan, P.P.
First Vice President – J. Andrew Wenrich
Secretary – Russell E. Boyer
Treasurer – Raymond C. Stine

York County

President – Sean M. Barba
First Vice President – J. Scott Burford, P.P.
Second Vice President – TBD
Secretary – Donald F. Dull, Jr.
Treasurer – Jeffrey L. Cox

Cumberland County

President – David L. Gerstenlauer
First Vice President – Huey A. Long
Second Vice President – TBD
Secretary – Wayne Poffenberger
Treasurer – John Roller

Lebanon County

President – Abram Shafner
First Vice President – James A. Porterfield (Rajah Shriners)
Second Vice President – Galen D. Kleinfelter
Secretary – James Foltz
Treasurer – Dennis G. Royer (Rajah Shriners)

Water Spirit Shiners, Taproom No. 17

Cellar Master – Michael O’Donovan
Brew Master – Robert D. Cook, P.P.
Revenues – Larry D. Potteiger
Scribe – David T. Willard