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Interested in becoming a Shriner? We’re happy to help!

Step 1: Become a Freemason

All Shriners are members of Freemasonry, the world’s largest and oldest fraternal organization. If you are not yet a Freemason, we encourage you to check out these resources to learn how to join. Once you’ve joined a Masonic Lodge, then you can request to join Zembo Shriners. 

Step 2: Join a Shrine Center

Once a man has become a Master Mason, a whole world of other organizations are now available to him. For more than 150 years, the Shriners have been considered one of the premier organizations for Freemasons, with a focus on fun, fellowship, and philanthropy. 

You can also call the Zembo Recorder in Harrisburg, PA at 717-238-8107.

If you need a petition form, one can be found in the latest issue of every Zembo Pep~er magazine.


Find out more about Freemasonry, including how to join at:

If you reside in Pennsylvania, you can find additional information at:

Find out more about Shriners International, including how to join at:

Additional information about Shriners International can be found at:

The Joining Process

A “Petition for Initiation and Membership” form is required.

All candidates must be a member of a Masonic Lodge in good standing.

Is not, or has never been, a member of Zembo or any other Shrine.

Must be recommended by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing.

Submit Dues payment and “Petition for Initiation”, no later than five days before next “Stated Meeting”.

Candidates for membership will be brought in at a Stated Meeting (see “Stated Meeting” below). The candidate(s), and their first line signers, should report to the office by 6:30pm the day of the meeting, to sign-in with the office staff.

Yearly Dues and Membership Card

Current Year Membership Dues, are always due on or before January First (1st) of that membership year. Dues checks may be made payable to “Zembo Shrine” and sent to:

Zembo Shrine
2801 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

If possible, please note your membership number on your check. 

A current Dues Card is required to attend all Zembo Shrine meetings and events. 

Yearly dues renewal notices, are mailed out to all Nobles, in October, for the upcoming year by Shriners International. During the year, at least two (2) dues notices, and a “Notice of Suspension”, are printed and mailed automatically to those members who are not paid for the current year.

Online dues payments are not accepted at this time, but you can pay your dues with with VISA or Mastercard via telephone by calling (717) 238-8107. A 3% processing fee will be added for dues paid with a card. 

If you have paid your dues, and have not yet received your card and / or yearly update sticker, or have lost your card, please contact the Zembo Shrine business office. They can verify payment was received, and issue a card/sticker. 

The Zembo business office is open just prior to most stated meetings, and during normal business hours.

Note: Shriners International does not provide for the remission of dues for 50 year members.

Associating or Affiliating with Zembo Shriners

Associate Membership

A “Petition for Association” form is required. The Noble must show proof of current membership in Blue Lodge.

Proof of current membership in good standing at a Shrine, other than Zembo. He must be recommended by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing, and be current with his own dues.

Associated Members are exempt for Hospital and Per Capita fees.

Members are responsible for membership dues at both Shrines, but only need to pay the Hospital and Per Capita fees, to their home Shrine, to remain active and in good standing.

Affiliate Membership

This type of membership is available to Noble who was a member of any Shrine in the past and left in good standing.

A “Petition for Affiliation” form is required. Pre-Requisite requirements for proposed membership include proof of current membership in a Craft Lodge. Previous membership fees must be paid in full, which include Hospital and Per Capita fees. You must also have a copy of the “Demit Certificate” issued from your previous Shrine and be recommend by two Zembo Shrine members in good standing.


If you wish to discontinue your Shrine membership, you must submit a written letter to the Zembo Shrine business office, stating you wish to be removed from Zembo Shrine membership.

Please include members name, date, membership number, current year dues/fees payment and signature.

The Recorder must receive your written, dated & signed “Request for Demit” letter, with payment of your balance due, before December 15th of the current year.

If you have a balance due, at the end of December, of that year, you will be suspended, and will not receive the “Demit Certificate”, necessary for possible Restoration in the future.

All dues, fees, etc. owed to Zembo Shrine, must be paid before a member can Demit in good standing.

Loss of Pre-Requisite Membership

If a member of the Zembo Shrine is suspended from their Masonic Lodge they automatically become suspended from Zembo Shrine.

The suspended member must be reinstated in good standing as a Craft Lodge member, before that member can apply for restoration at any Shrine.

Noble Snowbirds

Help us keep in touch with you while you are away from your permanent address.

Restoring Membership

To be restored, you must present proof of current year membership in a Craft Lodge Lodge and pay two (2) years dues at the current rate. Petitions must be filed at least five (5) days before a stated meeting. Questions can be directed to the Zembo Recorder at (717) 238-8107.