Past Potentates

Since its inception in 1904, Zembo Shriners have had more than 26,000 members. Of those, just over 100 men have been called to be the Potentate – the leader of the entire organization. We thank each of these gentlemen for their time and service to our Shrine.

Past Presidents of the Mid Atlantic Shrine Association (MASA)

1970-1971 – Charles A.B. Heinze

1982-1983 – A. Maxwell Paget

2013 – 2014 – Terry R. Fabian

2025 – 2026 (Anticipated) – Michael J. Smith

Past Presidents of Cabiri International 

2014-2015 – Michael L. Smith

2004-2005 – Robert D. Cook

1963-1964 – Dale M. Wampler

Widows of Past Potentates

Mrs. Susan Broy,  Mrs. Doris Cox, Mrs. Sherry Edwards, Mrs. Sandra Fabian, Mrs. Betsy Fasnacht, Mrs. Glenda Heiges,  Mrs. Audrey Horner, Mrs. Claire Latsha, Mrs. Shirley Leisure, Mrs. Alma Miller, Mrs. Mitzi Moore, Mrs. Gwyn Richards, and Mrs. Leni Rose