What are Units?

Units are internal organizations made up of members of Zembo Shriners who share an interest in a particular hobby or activity. 

Many units are considered “uniformed” in that they provide for a standardized appearance of members in public, such as while on parade, assisting with an event (such as the Farm Show or Shriners Circus), or simply when providing help at Shrine functions. Most units maintain a Unit Room, or headquarters, at the Zembo Shrine building in Harrisburg.

Units offer our members a chance to enhance their experience and better support our organization’s philanthropies. Whether you’re interested in parade patrol, classic cars, distributing Christmas gifts, or transporting patients to Shriner Hospitals, there’s a unit for every Shriner. 

If you don’t see one that you are interested in, call us and we will help you start one!

Would you like members of Zembo Shrine or its Units to participate in your community event or parade? 

All requests for public appearances are handled by the Colonel of Units. Click here for more information!

Colonel of Units


Lt. Colonel of Units



Zemmi (Mascot): Glenn C. Clouser


Colonel of Units Emeritus

James L. Bankes
Robert D. Johnson, P.P.

Officers of Units

Auditorium & Stage Crew

President – Eugene M. Murray
Sound Tech – Charlie Reynolds


Boss Clown – Richard E. Davis (Pap)
Asst. Boss Clown – Arthur Smith (Archie)
Secretary – George A. Martin, Jr. (Radar)
Treasurer – Donald L. Shuler, Jr. (Buzz-Zee)


President – John Casey
First Vice President – Robert E. Baker
Director – Barry Fealtman
Secretary – Jacob F. Zimmers, Jr.
Treasurer – Kenneth A. Roth

Hospital Transportation

Adams / Cumberland Counties – Call Zembo Office
Dauphin County – Call the Zembo Office
Lancaster County – Call Zembo Office
Lebanon County – Call the Zembo Office
Perry / Juniata Counties – Call the Zembo Office
Franklin County – Joshua Brown
York – Raymond E. Tisot


President – Rev. David T. Willard
Secretary / Treasurer – Rev. Samuel D. Fry, Jr.

Mini Cars

President – Jeffrey A. Eberts
Vice President – Carl R. Clouser
Secretary / Treasurer – Ryan J. Leonard

Mounted Patrol

President – Roger J. Cackovic
First Vice President – Barry L. Strock
Second Vice President – Dale H. Martin, Sr.
Secretary / Treasurer – Troy A. Sherwin
Chaplain – William Graby

Sports Cars

President – William W. Martz
First Vice President – Peter Leiss
Secretary – Kenneth C. Meloy, Jr.
Treasurer – John A. Kurtz


Chief Usher – Claude W. “Wally” Foreman
First Assistant – Lester W. Reeder, Jr.
Second Assistant – Glenn J. Minnich
Secretary – Lynn E. Shield, P.P. 
Treasurer – J. Richard King

String Band

President – Eugene E. Murray
Secretary / Treasurer – Harry C. Minskey, Jr.

Color Guard

Captain – Dennis L. Chesley
Secretary / Treasurer – Darwin G. Chilcote


Clan Chief – Gary Patterson
Asst. Clan Chief – Richard Raudabaugh
Drum Major – Edward T. Albright, Jr.
Pipe Major – Scott Erskine
Secretary – David Birdwell
Treasurer – David Birdwell

Legion of Honor

Unit Commander – Brian K. Van Scyoc
Lt. Commander – Alan W. Gallagher
Adjutant / Secretary – Robert D. Cook, P.P.
Personnel Officer – Robert D. Cook, P.P.
Treasurer – Robert D. Cook, P.P.

Motorcycle Touring

President – Barry L. Strock
First Vice President – Leroy Stump
Captain – Lynn E. Shields, P.P.
Secretary / Treasurer – James W. Nostrant
Asst. Secretary / Treasurer – Lee D. Kauffman


Captain – Barry L. Garber
Lieutenant – John H. Roller
Lieutenant / Treasurer – Barry L. Garber
Sergeant Secretary – Jeffrey A. Eberts